mateway presents:


one shot (4 hours) master class by Fico de Castro

(for guitar players & others musicians)

1) tango style: origins & evolution
in the begining it was a trio
the first guitar players
40th’s decade
tango & orchestras
tango today

2) historic environment
The “Rio de la Plata”
the inmigrants: first influences
from Paris to Buenos Aires

3) rhythm, melodic and harmonic approach
passion and drama, the emotions
melodic development
tango songs, instrumental tango. differences
from 2×4 to 3-3-2
jazz arrivals to tango

4) main guitar players and composers. the styles.
Gardel’s guitars
Roberto Grela
the concert style of Anibal Arias
Salgan’s style: Ubaldo de Lio
Piazzolla for guitar in Cacho Tirao vision.

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Born in Buenos Aires Fico de Castro is a recognized
guitar player, composer, producer and author of several
music learning methods in Argentina including
the best sellers in this country “The Bible of
(in English, Spanish & Portuguese)

and “Tratado de Guitarra”.

He also was
teacher at the most renowned music schools
in Buenos Aires and frecuently
writer in different specialized magazines.

As Fender endorser, Fico has traveled for three years across
Argentina presenting “Fender legends”, a guitar
clinic where he plays showing live
the style of the most important guitar players of the history.

In the last years, he focused on his roots, and started to study and investigate
tango & folklore. After that, he produced and published
four books (and audio CD) “Tango guitar” (available in
English, Japanese and Spanish), “Guitar folklore“,
Tangos para guitarra” and
Grooves for Neo-Tango“.

Now, he is
touring developing tango master classes

and playing a brand new show:
¨La mutacion tanguera¨
(check out the video:  A fuego lento)


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